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Well, I'm Back

I decided that I just couldn't stay away from lj. I tried, I think I could have done it if I really tried, but I didn't.
So news...none really to report. I've just been working and relaxing. I finished reading Harry Potter. I thought it was good, but not as good as the last ones. I also started reading Lakota Woman by Mary Crow Dog, which is really good so far. Native Americans write the best books. I guess because they have a story to tell. A story that really means something and needs to be told. I can't believe that as recently as the 70's, there were still restaurants in the South that said "no indians allowed." They were kind enough to write it in Lokota also. What wonderful people we have in this country. I would really recommend Neither Wolf Nor Dog to anyone. I think that it's an important book that people, especially Americans should really read.
Yesterday, I went with my family to Maine. We took a ferry to Peaks Island near Portland. It was a nice day, but the clouds were covering the sun, so I figured I'd be fine without sunscreen. When am I gonna learn? I always need sunscreen. It could be raining and I'd still get burned.
Waiting for the ferry on the way back, I saw a woman who I'm pretty sure had leprosy. Her face was really disfigured and she had no fingers on one of her hands. If I were her, I would be so discouraged and I think that I would have just given up when I found out. But she looked happy. She had a new born baby and she and her husband didn't seem to have the problems that most couples face. It was uplifting to see. I wanted to know why she had it though. She was american. I would have thought she could have easily gotten treatment. I guess not.
Anyways, I felt that I didn't have a problem in the world after that. Everything just seems so trivial right now.
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