Meaghan (polde) wrote,

Geeks Unite!

So, Friday I hung out with Rox, Pat, Eliot and Kyle. The girls watched the boys obsess over video games and then we went for an adventure in the woods...Then we went to see the play which was very good and funny. Then I was dropped off. But to my complete excitement, Rox called me about 5 minutes later and asked if I wanted to see Star Wars!!!!Eek!! I'm not going to talk about it except to say that it was very good and my energy level went way up after watching it.
Saturday I went to an international fair in Warner, which was very interesting. There wasn't much international-ism going on there, but oh well. Did you know that Hopinkton has a steel drum band? And they did a song from the Motorcycle Diaries!! Then Ashley and I watched Return of the Jedi (as long as we watch the one that has Hot-Solo in it-Ashley. Ashley they all have "Hot-Solo" in it.)
Today will be filled with homework and hopefully a little bit of movie watching.
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